Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hearty chicken stew

This is heart friendly. Very good for my heart indeed. :)

This is a delish stew of lean chicken, button mushrooms, carrots and potatoes slow cooked over a charcoal stove. That very important piece of kitchen equipment that makes all the difference to many a soup/ stew. 

Bubbling pot of goodness for tired souls after a hard day's work. The gravy is of a soup like consistency and just enough soy sauce to give it a fragrance that still lets you drink. no SLURP it up like a soup. It's a habit even grandma has gotten used to us having so she purposely cooks more gravy for that reason. She never overdoes it though because just that bit more water added will cause all the flavour to dissipate. Or if you have enough self control, you could just drizzle it over your rice. *Caution: Makes you eat more rice than you normally do!

I've grown up enough with it to know that I'll be eating double portions of rice so I stay away. I'll do just fine with my tender carrots and fluffy potatoes. And button mushrooms. And chicken. Oh what a hearty chicken stew! Mmm-hmm.

And just randomly today, i saw the word TRAVEL in my mind's eye and I randomly picked up on this-
TrAvEl- TEA/EAT. a quintessential event on all of my travels. the food makes an impression as much as the place does.

And somehow that brought a smile to my face :)

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