Thursday, September 15, 2011

Block 724 Ang Mo Kio Central Market Food Centre

A $9 standard serving set for 2 pax. 

Just to satisfy a girl friend's cravings of kway chap and duck. The stall that I planned on going to at Blk 226H Kebun Baru Market was closed at 4pm so I had to make an emergency call to tell her to head towards AMK Central instead where I remembered that there was a stall selling duck rice that I had eaten previously. Her food item cravings were satisfied but we honestly could have done better. The kway here was the thickest i've ever tried. When kway fails. The meal has failed. *shakes head sorrowfully. The upside is, the duck is still as nice as I remembered. If you're here for duck, take duck rice. No kway. No way.

I wasn't going to leave that place with substandard kway. Neither was I going to let her travel all the way down for nothing. I did what I had to do. I made a beeline for my tasty -and- trusty char kway teow stall for an order with extra vegetables. I carried my plate of char kway teow heaven back to the table bursting with pride. "Try this!" I couldn't stop smiling. As if I was the cook. Well, a girl could dream right? :)

Mmm. Kway the way it should be done. Full of wok hei. It was the difference of heaven and hell for these two types of kways. I know it's unfair to be comparing a plate of lard fried kway teow with kway chap but honestly, this kway was the right way to go. really have to stop it with the puns. They are unintended by the way.

Full bodied taste. Fried slightly wet just the way I like it. Crispy bits of lard, a small offering of blood clams, slices of waxed sausages and the only healthy items of beansprouts and greens. If there's anything worth the extra calories.

This. Is it. :)

What's your dinner going to be tonight?
I just had a green curry craving triggered off. When am I going to satisfy that craving? 

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