Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Jimbaran sunsets.

My idea of Balinese/ Indonesian offerings in Singapore have been limited to Tambuah Mas and Ayam Penyets till today.

A gorgeous appetizer platter of bergedils (potato patties with minced beef), vegetarian spring rolls, barbequed prawns and chicken sate. But it looked a lot better than it tasted. I've been told it's a favourite snack order with drinks for the night crowds.

The bergedils were not heavy on taste even with the addition of minced beef, which isn't very characteristic of Balinese food. The chicken sate was made of lean meat which was too tough for my teeth to handle. I'd have expected a more tender offering with my previous experiences of sate ayam. The prawns were satisfactory but the spring rolls were totally uninspiring. It might have been because I took them cold.  

All was saved by Tom Yum Talay. It was a little odd in a Balinese restaurant but I could be none the wiser. Does this count as Balinese? Packed full of seafood goodness and young coconut flesh. It was a treat that was best taken hot. Spicy hot, temperature hot. :)

And we're still on the appetizers with a signature Gado Gado. The fried vegetable toppings added a nice crunch and a little indulgence to this healthy boiled vegetable salad drizzled with peanut sauce. They even had an extra bowl of peanut sauce. Just in case you needed more.

Bebek Betutu- something I had to place a deposit on at a restaurant in Kuta area last trip I was in Bali. I had to remind myself that I was eating duck then. Moist shreds of tender duck falling off the bone.This version was a lot less moist but it was a tasty and flavourful offering of duck if I tried to describe in words, it would be somewhat similar to a thick otah paste on duck. Hmm. If it less dry, it might have just been the dish that did it for me today.  

Ikan Bakar Bali. Nothing conjures up my smoky Jimabaran sunset picture like a fresh fish grilled on coconut husks with minimal fuss and a sweet spicy sauce packed with a punch that seeks only to enhance the delicate tender freshness of the fish. There probably was no coconut husk grilling involved. But there was however, a sweetness of tender fish meat confirming the freshness of the fish with a side offering of sauces- kecap manis, sambal and green chilli. Now, THIS was the dish of the day for me.

Bayang Balinese Restaurant offers a cosy setting and signature offerings that make it worth the money spent. New place on the list for Balinese food. :) And what was it again that we concluded? An ideal place for lunch gossips. Ideal. Lunch. Gossips. Perfect afternoons are made of these. Quietness has its perks. And only in the afternoons.

At night? You probably shouldn't be surprised to turn around and find your bosses in the same place unwinding in its relaxing atmosphere and Enya soundtracks so hold on to your gossips and eat up instead! ;)

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