Wednesday, August 31, 2011

pain is

Late night supper treat from Modestos. Melted but still tastes oh so good. Not cloyingly sweet, just the right amount of rum/ baileys. And a generous amount of mascarpone. Bring on the calories! Thanks pops :)

But this, has been and will be my current diet supplement for a long while yet. Today marks the end of one month and unfortunately, not the end of all my troubles. Finally the arch bars have come off today. Pressure... hold... and a rough TUG to get the wires out. There was no try to straighten the wires before extricating them from my gums. Did they learn the idea of 'carefully' anywhere in their course of professional advancements? If i counted right, before i gave up and squeezed my eyes shut, that was on repeat for at least ten times. Finally when all that was out, it was a mess of blood and gums. Angry gums my surgeon called it. She says they'll be angry for at least 2 weeks. Angry I can deal. I was a happy person but that, was short lived.

**The content below is not suitable for the faint hearted.

-I just had to write it down because what if someone else wanted to know what it was like for her/ him? I was glad to have all the blogs and forums to prepare myself with in the month with my jaws wired-

There's the fractured teeth. Well, tooth that was acting up. So much for a temporary filling, it seems the bacteria troops decided to invade and were successfully working on killing the nerve. Operative verb -ing, but no, very nice dental officer on duty whom i was referred to, decided it was a pulpectomy now or extraction. So no questions asked, i gave him the go ahead. And who knew. That was the worst thing I signed my consent to. At the last part of the procedure, the anaesthetic wore off, bleach was going down my throat and up to my nasal passage. Oh, that's just bleach, no big.

Have i told you about the pain? I was trembling from the pain. I gargled to no avail. It was ridiculous the amount of pain I was in. It took all I had not to wail from the pain. I gave up when I reached the pharmacy. I begged them to fill out my prescription and to retain my shred of dignity, I had to walk out to wait for my painkillers. She called me in after what felt like forever and advised me to take them after food. What food. I was in an immortal state of pain. I prayed hard for the painkillers to kick in and to rid the pain but there was still bleach in my nasal passageway and I was just in the worst state ever on my own at the most traumatic place to be in. I gritted my teeth and when I could bear it no longer, went off to the washroom. Thrice. Till finally, I could settle my payment and confirm my next appointments which I bothered not to look at- after all, I was never coming back to see this dentist and I could not wait to be on my way.

Cold sweat, utter immense pain all for three hours. I was glad I got home on my own without fainting from the sheer pain of it all. Sleep eluded me. Pain prevailed. I finally managed to return my earlier missed call and found it to be, who else but the dentist, who kindly informed me to check myself into A&E if the pain were to continue. I did not bother to recount my previous A&E experience and with all the grace I could manage, thanked him and hung up. 5 hours later, the nasal cavity unblocked on its own and only then, did the bleach drip off and the unbearable smell finally taken away from my nasal passages.

A harrowing experience no less. And hopefully, no repeats. 


Riaz & Miss Beetle said...

Hope things will get better for you soon. Hang tough, ya?

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