Saturday, August 13, 2011


I just had the most horrific time of my life at the hospital two Sundays ago what with a fractured jaw that has left my jaws immobilized for 6 weeks for a close reduction healing. It's been a fluids only diet and I'm just about up to here with strawberry and vanilla flavoured Ensure milk. I have been sitting home wondering where I could possibly go to leave all these bad memories behind. I've been travelling close to home these past couple of years but after the mailer from, I realised that I have yet to make it to Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah.

I did some reading up and look what I've found...

On June 1, 2007, Langkawi Island has been given a World Geopark status by UNESCO. And one of its main conservation areas, the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park (The Kilim River) is home to a Pirate Lagoon just outside the river. In actual form, it is a collapsed cave (hong) consisting of a cave entrance from the sea emerging into a hidden lagoon with towering, limestone escarpments and smaller caves. In the days when Kedah formed the gateway into China en route to the Silk Road, pirates on Langkawi used these caves to secure their profits. And what better way to explore these caves but on a kayak. Definitely my choice of transport. :) But they also have yatches that one could charter for the adventure tour. 

File:CENANG SUNSET 14 0172.jpgI'm definitely heading for the beaches on such a beautiful conglomerate of islands and honestly, it seems I'd be spoilt for choice. Apparently, Pantai Cenang is the most popular spot for tourists, what with its picturesque location with seemingly unending stretches of fine white sand. Not forgetting the extensive menus at its numerous restaurants and bars for evening entertainment, several hosting live music and for watching the sun set. Nothing like a beautiful sunset to remind me that life's got a lot more for me to look forward to :) I'm definitely going to be raving hungry for some mouth watering food and I've heard that the Tomato Nasi Kandar is a budget friendly yet absolutely flarvoursome food. I'll give you the full report when I've tried it...

I'm also looking forward to checking out Pantai Kok, a quieter and more secluded beach perfect for soul searching questions and a time away from everything that's about a mad city rush. It's also near to the beautiful Telagah Tujuh waterfalls and the Oriental Village-a charming pseudo French and old Chinese town.

Why visit the Oriental Village? That's where Gunung Machincang, Langkawi’s Cable Car affords some of the best views of the island’s mountainside greenery. I'm definitely taking the ride to get to the top of the mountain where I'll find the Skybridge – a curved suspension bridge listed as one of the world's ten most amazing bridges by Travel + Leisure and one of the world’s highest singlesupport
bridges. Awesome engineering at work wouldn't you agree?

Mmm. My ideal getaway from it all. The accident, the panic, the worries, the pain. My entry is a bit late in coming but if you think I deserve to take a break to refresh and renew my mind, then please, vote away! :)


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