Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i can't eat but i damn well can bake! :)

So today I decided that I should bake.
Every Tuesday is a potential bake/cook day because my awesome aunt is home to mess about with me :)

Part of the reason would be owing to the suicide attempt of my bunch of overripe bananas. I decided to honour them by baking them into some banana walnut muffins :)

So i peeled them and mashed them up with a fork.

Mixed it up with some eggs, plain flour, baking soda prune lowfat yoghurt, sugar and that's the batter you get for 12 good sized muffins. :) And walnuts. Not forgetting walnuts. I bought some and wondered if they had to be toasted. They definitely have to be toasted. Maybe even with some honey next time :) And voila!

And that's not the end of the mayhem. I'm getting loads of help at work with my kids while I'm home nursing my fractured jaw and very very sore teeth. :( And that takes up loads of energy so a carrot cake it is! And one that CHOCK full of ingredients :)

Awesomely important star ingredient: Carrots, grated.
More ingredients! Diced pineapples, soaked raisins (in some fruit syrup) and coarsely chopped, TOASTED walnuts :)

Mix it all up with some eggs, flour and canola oil. No butter.

Moist and chock full of ingredients. Who needs frosting with this? Hmm... well, a lil cream cheese wouldn't hurt. Maybe next time! :)

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