Sunday, August 28, 2011

La Petit Cuisine along Upper Thomson Road- French cuisine made affordable

   for starters. heated dinner rolls with plain butter. no ipad included.

 L'Entrée (Appetizer) Escargots with a flaky buttery crossiant drenched with savoury brown sauce.

Le Plat Principal (Main course) My order of a duck confit. Skin on, fried to a crisp with tender meat shielded from the frying. Now, the sauce however, wasn't too complimentary to the confit.


So I asked for some mustard and I was given a choice of three, in a quaint biscuit tin. I liked the tomato mustard the most. There was dijon which was too strong and another that was too sour. Of which, I promptly dismissed the name of. And what a pleasant surprise it was that the chef herself should appear at our table to enquire about the meal. It's these personal touches that make a world of difference in the service line and dining climate. And on that note, the number of tables probably count for ten, or a maximum of 15 at best hence the capacity for personal enquiries from the kitchen. But points for effort!

The other Le Plat Principal (Main course) was my friend's choice of steak and frites. Hmm. For its price, it was justified. But for its quality, let's just say there wouldn't be a repeat order of this.

And a random fact that might be useful if ever the day comes to dine in France,
A French dinner table will always have bread on it. It is however, considered bad etiquette to butter your bread at a meal in France. Instead, people in France use the bread to wipe up the juices left behind at the end of each course. This is because the different courses of a French meal are all served on the same plate.

Bon appétit!

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