Saturday, August 27, 2011

guess where?

                                       wasn't that hard to follow the trail scent of coffee to a
                                       nondescript area for some awesome latte. not so awesome
                                       latte art but i'll let that slip :)
                                             who needs a champ? all hail the king!                                         

                                         with sesame, spicy beansprouts and low cholestrol white
                                         eggs and normal brown eggs. :) self service.

                                         a choice of light/normal/ strong broth, amount of chicken
                                         oil (minimally less. not none :p), doneness of noodles.
                                         a very personal touch. :)

                                         sticky date and butterscotch ice cream? forgettable ice
                                         cream. moist sticky date pudding saved the day.

random vanilla ice cream. and not so molten lava. but
chocolate saved us all. :)
and a vanilla dirt pot! a pleasant sight but an awfully
refrozen excuse of a dessert :(

how was your saturday? :)

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