Friday, March 16, 2012

what's the deal about guilt free ice cream?

March 8, 2012

An image invite to Brownice's pre-opening party.

Sin Ming Centre
8 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575628

A first for a vegan ice cream treat!

Over the past two/ three years, I've since lost track of which part of this business is individual and which other parts are a collaboration.
I suppose in all businesses, it might have started out as an individual idea before it is shared with other like-minded individuals, thereby giving life to the possibility of turning a dream into reality.

And it is all that, that I am brought back down to earth about how painstaking it is to be an entrepreneur.
And for that, I'm really happy for you- Denise, seeing your dream come true! :)

But there we go. My dear friend has followed through with her dream.
Starting from a space rented in the industrial parks of Woodlands for the manufacturing of her ice cream with a glacier, to a small cart at Orchard Central with weekends of sellout tubs of signature flavours like banana oat and matcha and to this, today, their very own shop space in Sin Ming.

Frankly speaking, if you're looking for ice cream as an indulgence, the taste here would disappoint. It isn't a full bodied buttery creamy taste (think: Haagen Daaz) that you would find in here and so I wouldn't recommend the chocolates and vanilla flavours to you. But the fruits however, are a totally different story.

If you're looking for ice cream to take away the heat, something to soothe the throat, a pick-me-up or simply, a way to end your meal then, look no further than Brownice.

Made of organic ingredients that are vegan friendly and dairy free, their banana-oat and mulberry flavours are highly recommended! :) They've stopped matcha for a bit as the aromatic matcha powder from japan cannot seem to be found for some reason. See, this is how seriously they take their craft. No top ingredients, no go.  

The pricings are reasonable. $3.70 for a scoop and $5.30 for a double. Salted Caramel further out front sells a double scoop for $5 and...
Should we talk calories here? Between you and I, I'd pay more for my indulgence assured that I can eat up with little guilt and firm confidence that you're getting what's good for your body :)

And for dinner? Simple minced pork chicken cutlet noodles with a side of Thai styled beancurd.
I couldn't have thought of a better way to end off my last day of first term. :)


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