Sunday, March 04, 2012

ichiban boshi @ novena square

This is the only outlet that I've seen kushiyaki items available.
They aren't cheap so I haven't made the decision to try them yet but perhaps one day when I'm feeling peckish and want a bit of everything :)

It's been a long week. Too much and too long, it gets to be a little overwhelming.
If you only knew that I would do everything to change the events of the week.
On a Friday night, after many paper cuts and a pile of marking done,
I needed something that would be light yet sufficient for a dinner meal.

Serendipity in a paper hotpot. :)
This was new on the menu. The option of a salmon/ beef kaminabe for $13.90 or a seafood/ hotate kinoko kaminabe for $17.90 if I don't remember wrong. The usual options at the AMK Hub outlet are limited to only the hotate kaminabe and a spicy kimchi one. Hmm.

Anyhow, this was just what I was looking for without even realising it.
The soup came filled with an assortment of vegetables and a lone shitake. If it were up to me, I'd slice up the mushroom. Making it seem like more. No one really bothers to cut up the mushroom for sharing. 
The beef slices were marbled just enough to give those slices a tender juiciness when cooked. Accompanied by a piquant yuzu radish dip, it opens up the appetite immediately. I liked the soup. It didn't taste like dashi. Perhaps it was chicken stock. Light with a hint of sweetness enhanced by the flavour that was imparted by the beef slices gently cooked in the broth. :)
With my pumpkin croquette and aburi maguro sushi, this was a good dinner.    

Then of course, there were desserts. At $2.90, Udders runs a waffle deal that is affordable yet tasty. If I had a choice to share, I'd do waffles in a heartbeat. :) I wouldn't be greedy enough to polish off a waffle and ice cream on my own. A single scoop of Bailey's Irish Cream and one of Snickers, Mars and Honeycomb Vanilla. Balancing the alcohol content with chocolate and sugar to reduce my risk of alcohol induced rash. :) Udders at United Square. Hmm. Grab the only sofa seat in the house for an improved experience.

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