Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Grilled Chicken Pita Pocket

Some days at work are better than others.
And this was one of them :)
A dear colleague who has strict dietary requirements,
brought along fresh ingredients to make herself some lunch nibbles.
And there I happened to be,

In a pantry full of fresh ingredients. How could I resist?

She chops up the lettuce leaves into strips, slices up the grilled chicken fillet into strips and mixes it all up with a squeeze of honey mustard and a dollop of tartar sauce. That's basically all the prep work required.

The rest is just assembling the pita pocket together. Cut a pita into two for a pita pocket. Line the base with fresh slices of tomato and cucumber. Top with chicken and lettuce and maybe even a couple of sticks of preserved cucumber and carrots for extra zing.

And voila, a simple lunch on-the-go grilled chicken pita pocket. And a lot of love from Swee Cheng.

Thank you. :)

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