Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eating Out. In the Area.

Both of these stalls are good but of course. Nothing draws the crowds to this corner coffee shop like the carrot cake.
This living legend, Mr Ngerng has been featured in Sunday Life! in their series on heritage hawkers and on Makansutra Raw in celebration of Asian food cultures, bestowed with the title of Makansutra Street Food Master. 

Make your order of carrot cake, black or white and they will arrive at your table generously fried with headily fragrant bits of preserved radish, pieces of radish cake and well fried egg mixture. All this with a dash of colour from crunchy spring onions.
I don't mean to burst your bubble but...
To be honest, this visit left us disappointed.
The $3 version differed minimally from the $2 order. The radish cake pieces were a lot more firm than they used to be. And I've heard that's because he's no longer making the radish cake himself but has outsourced this labourious process.
I used to really love this.
But I guess.
Things do change.

Now this is a recent addition.
Probably a year or so?
They do a good sized briyani for $5 with side salad, briyani rice, choice of meat and two pappadums.
Tonight though, we tried the Indian Rojak.
Refried things are terribly unhealthy but hey,
I only live once. :)
Very reasonably priced at $2.60 for three items.
The sauce was good. Served hot and chunky with peanut bits.
The one thing that gets me though, is the colouring and starch content of this sauce.
Did I also mention that the prata at this stall goes for 70 cents for a plain prata?
Where would you find prices like that these days?

And just as a warning. Do not order these staples from the zi char stall.
They were nightmares.
Fried rice and fried noodles were all uninspiring.
Lacking flavour but huge on oil.
I'd rather eat indian rojak anyday.

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