Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tête à Tête with the girlfriends

Jogging always brings out a radiant glow.
Or perhaps a good camera does that as well.

As recommended over the smoked duck. And unwittingly got myself the additional $3 charge just because he assumes I want eggs done the same way as everyone else on the table.
No I didn't like the idea of paying for two slices of smoked salmon, no matter how nicely you curl it for presentation's sake. one plus one other piece is still two.

Oh well. On the bright side, this was a good brunch for my attempted half an hour jog to nowhere far. :p 

And just because we had to have a photo. Sorry if we squashed you and the baby! :)

And a desserts pitstop at canele.
Whatever else is there to do on a day where girlfriends take leave to watch the world go by.
Oh the luxury of it all.

Grandma's apple crumble.
Too mushy on the apples. Tasty crumble though and a very fruity passionfruit sorbet of a perfect complement.

Flower of the sea.
Hello to Nougatine. For any other name would be the same dessert. Here or at Antoinette. :)
A name that is not more than a tragedy akin to NYDC's presently named Goldmine.
Why do they do these things? Especially to perfectly appetizing desserts.
But I digress.
Generous on Nutella in the crepe and although they ran out of Nougatine, we had a replacement of Earl Gray which was equally good if not, better than nougatine to balance out the sweetness.

And colourful Macaroons.
Rose, seasalt caramel, dark chocolate, raspberry pistachio.
All chewy fat nuggets of pure sugared indulgence.

Just a few hours.
Being lazy, watching the world watch us as we, well, watch them pass us by.

To more girlfriend days out.

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