Saturday, March 17, 2012

ikan assam pedas and ikan happycall! :)

Mdm Takehome Chef

Appears at the door with a bag of what eventually dinner would be.
Premix blended garlic, ginger and onion.
And a pack of chilli paste

Stir fry till fragrant before adding in the chilli paste.
Mix fresh assam with water and strain the liquid mixture into the sauce.
A teaspoon of cumin and a stalk of smashed lemongrass chopped into three.

For how long?
However long it takes. You'll see the oil released from the chilli paste.

Marinated chunks of ikan patin.
Ikan kari paste premix and tumeric.

Just a dash of oil and let the fatty fish grill in the happycall!
Don't panic. It's hardly overdone.
It's just right. :)

Depending on the thickness, this took us a few flips and between 15-20 minutes?
The shadow of yellow oil? That's tumeric.

And it's back to the ikan assam pedas.
Add in water and the fish slices to boil and simmer.
And a dash of sugar and salt to taste.
Perhaps a half cube of Knorr chicken or fish cube for a fuller bodied flavour.
And if you'd like this to be spicier, add on some black pepper seeds to boil.
And making the last dip into the sauce would be daun kesun (laksa leaves).
Let it simmer for a bit till the fish is about cooked then turn it up to a boil before serving.

And just as part of a healthy diet, an assortment of colourful broccoli, carrots, prawns and sliced black mushrooms. :)
Dinner for four. And just a little more.

Don't call this takehome chef. She's not for hire.
But if you're lucky, she'll call you.

Thanks for a hearty meal and time together at dinner. The tummy and I are blessed by friends like you.
Oh all the ayam masak merahs, the sup ikans, the mee gorengs and even nuggets I would offer to fry!
To more cookouts!

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