Sunday, March 18, 2012

ginza kuroson @ robertson quay

Lunch time woes.
Bistro Soori, both which Brad of ladyironchef recommends?
Or Ginza Kuroson as recommended on ieat?

It's always nice to leave it to a friend to make a decision.
Hopping into the car on a rainy day, I offer up all three suggestions in terms of location since he's driving in hopes of heading to somewhere eventually.
Newton, Teck Lim Road or Robertson Quay?
Choose from
Mod bistro, French fusion or Japanese?

Robertson Quay he says.
30 Robertson Quay
Riverside View
S 238251

I deliberated between the Negekomi Don and Bara Chirashi Don but on the waitress' recommendation, decided on the Fisherman's Nagekomi Don.

Once seated, we were immediately served hot barley rice tea.
Orders were taken and swiftly followed by chopsticks and a small side salad with fragrant sesame oil.

It wasn't long before the orders came.
Sushi rice topped with yellowfin tuna, sea bream, salmon, 2 amaebi, squid, crabmeat, salmon roe, flying fish roe and fresh whitebait with freshly grated wasabi and a homemade seaweed paste.
It seems I don't remember having any hotate nor negi maguro.

Not like I noticed when I was there. Oh yum.

And this looked just like a normal pork katsudon. Look at the thick cuts topped generously with the egg and onion mixture. I didn't try this but I saw the bottom of the bowl pretty darn clearly at the end of our meal. That speaks volumes enough. :)

And the seaweed paste? It's a certain type of umami that goes well with everything. Oh how I had to ration this. I didn't dare ask for seconds.

Tea was refilled on sight. And things were cleared without us having to ask.

And just as we thought we were done with lunch,
why not more tea and with that, a deliciously creamy pudding/ mousse?
This definitely was not the chocolate flavoured mousse that many blogs have documented.
But in any case, this was par excellence ending lunch on the sweetest high.

While leaving, I couldn't resist a few snapshots of what awaited the diners that came after lunch set hours.
As good as it gets.

But of course, I couldn't help comparing this as a sizeably smaller portion compared to the thick slabs of sashimi in the chirashi set from the grumpy chef at Wasabi Tei a long time ago for about the same prices available the whole day.

I'll definitely be back here though. :)

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