Tuesday, March 20, 2012

lunch @ kallang bahru market

A hungry mummy after a whole morning of getting down on her handsandfeet (I kid you not)
to clean the house calls the shots at lunch.
This handsandfeet cleanup thing happens on a weekly basis.
She's secretly OCD.

First time we're doing lunch at Kallang/ Geylang Bahru Market.
It was WAY TOO HOT to be out there. Literally.
Dad grabs a fish soup that is pretty tasty (I'm not sure if there's seasoning in this)
And a lousy decision of adding 50 cents for an overfried rubbery egg.
But fresh fish slices and loads of tofu pieces.

And a surprisingly yummy yam cake.
And this was unanimous.
Not me myself and I being biased.
From a corner nondescript shop selling Kim Choo Dumplings.

And desserts of course.
She's a hungry mummy remember?
Sticky caramelized tapioca drizzled generously with coconut milk.

Why restaurants when hawker centres are simply gems?

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