Friday, March 16, 2012

Aston's @ Centrepoint

Sizing up the competition.

Pick on someone your own size!

Sadly though, the patty wasn't anywhere near deliciously juicy, the thoughts I was envisioning as I took a bite of this sans huge blooming onion layer.

This was minced beef that was dry and tough to swallow. It didn't have much taste on its own and was made superbly salty by the bacon, cheese and was it barbecue sauce?
This definitely needed the burger buns to counteract the salt levels.

No complaints on the onion though. It reminded me of the blooming onion at Outback. Fried to a crisp on the outside, sweet albeit oil soaked onion pieces encased within. Ask for sour cream to go along with this. Oh yum!

Quantity assured for price but lacking in the quality department.

And the chicken saves the day! Wonderfully marinated.
Provencale spices and herbs infused into this tender piece of chicken breast, skin-on and pan fried. The meat was kept juicy by the fats within the skin.

Served atop my choice of mash and side of baked potato.
For some reason, there wasn't enough chicken to satiate me. Perhaps, it was just too good I wanted more. :)

The other girls had steak that they all thought was good. Nothing fantastic but good. The beer battered fish and chips were a generous portion save for the sides but the batter was uninspiring and quoted as no taste of beer nor the kind of crisp fluff that was supposed to have been due to the action of beer added into the batter.

Prices are inclusive of GST and there's no service charge. Even then, the service staff are always ready with a smile and water is topped up automatically. I am impressed. :)

Even better. They take reservations!

For the birthday of two lovely ladies (kids?) in our group of girlfriends, these were a box of four colourful cupcakes from Designer Bakes, $21 for 4 cupcakes.

And apologetically, this was good to look, terrible to eat.
Thick unyielding fondant that tasted like a mix of marzipan and sickly sweet sugar with loads of colouring.
The cupcake was dry with a dollop of vanilla buttercream/ chocolate cream depending on the flavour of the cupcake. Even a prepacked Sunshine muffin tastes better than this.
Just look.
Take some pictures.
Blow the candles.
Slice it up if you'd like. 
And order dessert somewhere else.

For girls that have been around for more than half my life.

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