Thursday, March 29, 2012


Some days when you need some love and it's least expected.

Homemade dried chilli shrimp- Pounded, grounded, grated and fried laboriously over a low fire (hae bee hiam) in a reynold's metal round tray -but- tucked into the shape of a heart.
My heart melted. :)

And this was a gastronomical delight!
You totally had me at hello?

First bite.
What's that complex flavour that was infused into these delightful beads?
Just enough for me but it wasn't baby food mush.
It had a good chew.
These yam abacus pieces were good enough on their own.

And oh look!
Chinese mushrooms, minced meat, dried shrimp and chopped spring onion.
A lil' bit of all that.

I don't know what the others were having for lunch
but I was completely bowled over by mine. :)

Thanks auntie.
I really appreciate how much you look after me.
My tummy is <3 ed much. 

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