Sunday, March 25, 2012

hong kong street chun kee revisited

For a simple takeout, a craving to be satisfied, a weekend dinner out or even a cause for celebration.
This is where it's at for us :)

Just a personal bowl of this will suffice.
Any time. Any day.
Especially. On rainy days.

All beansprouts should be silvers like these.
Slippery smooth flat pieces of rice noodles stir fried for that infusion of wok hei.
Topped with ample fish slices and just enough seafood flavoured gravy.
And beansprouts flash fried, retaining their colour and delicious crunch.
Uh huh. Order this.
If you aren't interested in the soup version.

Pungent. But juicy and succulent.
Eat with hands for best results.
Finger lickin' good. :)

Once in a while, this makes it to our order list.
Whenever dad feels like it.
Flathead fish chopped and deep fried before drowned in black bean sauce.
Some chopped onions, green and red peppers, baby corn, mushroom and black fungus.
Appeals to the sight.
Definitely whets the appetite.
Just a lil heavy on the salt which just means you might need some plain rice with this.
Maybe a lot of it. Seeing as how the gravy just opens up the stomach's capacity.

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