Sunday, October 23, 2011

This was a Groupon offer for a laksa steamboat at $10 instead of the usual $18.50.
To be honest, I was about to ditch the idea of using the coupon after reading the reviews given on hungrygowhere. About how the PRC staff manhandled their child pulling him outside in tears just to show that the boy was 1.2m and had to pay an adult's price. And how using a groupon voucher just gets you crap service and terrible food.

I don't fancy being manhandled nor treated any less just because I was using a voucher.

Well, we decided to be brave souls anyway.

We took a while to decide on drinks and soup bases. Was I about to be given THE EYE?
Well not any of those actually, we were treated like regular diners. Even with smiles! :) The selection wasn't extensive but it was satisfactory. A small selection of cold dishes to start off as appetizers and a few ready-to-eat snacks that I really appreciated served piping hot. Forget the wantons, just get the marinated chicken wings and chicken nuggets :)

The soup pot was huge and given that I'm huge on soups, I'm impressed that we didn't even have to ask for refills. The laksa base was savoury and got a little salty nearing the end of our meal. The herbal soup base was a little bland but got better with the addition of ingredients. Was a good choice to balance out the laksa broth. There was no seafood selection on the menu and from the reviews, it seems as if this differs from regular full priced diners. That's fine with us though. We weren't big on seafood. Mainstay offerings of thinly sliced meats, assortment of balls, veggies and mushrooms was enough for us that night.

Life's always a gamble as long as there are choices to be made. Glad we took the gamble. :)
Try it yourself. Just to let you know if you're using the voucher, there's a 2 hour limit on your meal time. Not that they are strict on it though.

King's Laksa Steamboat 
Just behind Serangoon Stadium in the row of shophouses with the famous Nam Hwa Chiang Fishhead Steamboat.

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