Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nando's Friday! :)

Guess who dropped in on a cold, rainy Friday afternoon? :)

Meet Barci!

That's Juleana right in the centre, brand manager for Nando's Singapore.
A bubbly, animated girl befitting of her work title. No uppity-muppity show of professionalism that separates her from her team. She leaves me with no doubt of her professionalism when it comes down to serious work but just watching her let her hair down with her colleagues regardless of status was very heartening. A team that laughs at themselves and each other. Hmm. Was well on my way to becoming jaded but this has given me some hope in the working world. :) She came with her team of happy Nandockers (if I heard it right), who are the Patraos of the three different outlets for Nando's Singapore.

Quick lesson in Portugese- Patrao: 'Head of the Family'
which in this case, happens to mean General Manager at Nandos.
What an endearing term!
Loads of people are managers nowadays but how many are patraos?
I don't know about you but I'll definitely be a lot happier working in an environment where everyone's one big happy family. Not a picture painted for others but a life lived up in actuality.

And you're never too young to be a patrao. Bao Shan is the current patrao at the Tanglin Mall outlet and you wouldn't guess from the way she speaks. She's only 24. Young but a year into the service and she's speaking like an old bird! (no offense on the age reference and pun totally intended) Meant for the service line and yes, I can see how she would fare well in the years to come, moving on to the Tampines outlet when it opens! It's nowhere near where she lives but there's not a word of complaint. Positivity in looking forward to a new crew and relishing the challenge of getting to know new Nando's diners from the East! I wish her well and I might just head over to check the new outlet out sometime :)

'Can the Chicks Come In?' is part of their move to create brand awareness, reaching out to varied consumer bases from design offices to schools. Just this year, Nando's was involved in a messy spat with Mediacorp artiste joanne peh and her boyfriend. I can see how a report like that would've turned off lots of people. It was shocking how diners could be treated in such an offensive manner and you wouldn't want to put yourself in the firing range, just because you asked for water. Hmm...
No sense in crying over spilt water.

Let's be objective- Nando's is about peri peri chicken, not bottled water.
And their chicken hasn't failed me.

Everyday should be a Nando's Friday!

I'm glad I invited them down to where I was and I'm pleasantly surprised they made special arrangements to work around my timings, along with Barci. A sight for my sore eyes and ruffled feathers. :)
On their last stop for October in a series of 5 office attacks, I hope they enjoyed themselves being back in school. 

Thank you guys! :)

P.S. Just to share the love, if you'd like to have one of those witty cute badges featured above, leave a comment with your email address stating which design you'd like to receive. :)

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Nando's Singapore said...

Bom Dia (which means Good Day in Portuguese)!

We can't believe we spotted your blog post only now. It's so great to hear what you have written about us and the team, who are known as Nandocas (Nandockers sound cool too! We do rock the chickens with Peri-Peri). Juleana, Bao Shan and the rest will be ecstatic to read your post.

Thanks for the support and we hope to hear more from you and see more of you in the future!

Obrigado (thank you in Portuguese)!

Peri Regards,
Marketing Department
Nando's Singapore