Friday, October 21, 2011

cheesecake challenge

We had a blind taste test of 12 different cheesecakes at church. Granted they were variations of
cheesecakes (i.e. marbled, oreo, sourcream) but they were evident enough for the fact that ...
Hilton's cheesecake came out tops. But I still think that it tastes just like a block of Philedelphia Cream Cheese but that's just my opinion.

Coming in a close second was CBTL's Chicago Cheesecake, a tie with Olio Dome's Oreo Cheesecake.

Between 4 girls and a whole load of life stories to speak of, we had these two cakes.
Praline is the featured cake of the month and it was better than we though. Think hazelnut cream in cheesecake. :)

Meals for another time. Desserts'll have to suffice for now.


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