Saturday, October 22, 2011

Go! Go! Curry!

It's been perfect curry weather this whole week! :)

What's the deal about a cheer on for gorillas and curry?

I stood around watching their promotional video (entirely in Japanese) and I will not pretend to have understood more than "Oiishi!" :p I did however, recognize Hideki Matsui who plays for the New York Yankees and his jersey number, 55 which was the reason for Go! Go! (the number 5 in Japanese) clearing my entirely reasonable idea of it being a cheer for the curry. And well, his Godzilla nickname influenced their eventual choice of a gorilla for a mascot. 

But just like an entirely serendipitious sort of phenomenon, that's probably brilliant though. The idea of a Go! Go! in your restaurant's name psychologically propels your body to respond to your subconscious mind. Go! Go! to the Curry! now! That was me anyway.

So next time you walk past, tell me if you feel a sudden compulsion to act on it! :)

Why go for less, when you can challenge the Grand Slam!
Actually, I just couldn't decide what I wanted with my curry. :D

This wasn't what I expected from a Japanese curry. It was a distinctive dark brown colour and a more pronounced peppery taste. Think: A thicker version of beef stew. I liked it! Whether curry or called by any other name because this was comfort-type soul food on a rainy day. They weren't generous enough with the curry sauce though, unlike cocoichi and no, I did not know that I could add on extra portions of curry until I read one of the reviews that suggested extra curry and extra cheese! Mmm.

So if you were going at it alone, remember that these curry rice sets have a larger than normal portion of rice even on the healthy version. Diners pick from a choice of Shrimp, Sausage, Pork or Chicken cutlet, accompanied by shredded cabbage. And unless you're with someone else, I don't know how one person's stomach can manage 650g of rice with curry and 4 sides.

It was a good post zumba dinner. I workout hard for my curry rewards. :)

As with all good meals, they should end with a dessert. 

Essentially a Snickers bar deconstructed and reconstructed into a stack with dense chocolate cake layers.
Rich. Peanut buttery. Dense. Caramelish. Definitely. Sweet. All too much for a post-curry late night dessert but I see it as most certainly an energy bar for that extra boost of sugar rush energy if taken at lunch time.

Girlfriend timeout in the midst of a mad week at Ion. :) 

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