Friday, October 14, 2011

prawns. stripes&shoes. chasing away the blues

So with an aunt who works at Chinatown and a grandma who is a culinary wonder in the kitchen, there's always good food on the table. Now that she drives to work, we're getting this on a weekly Tuesday basis. Prawns, that is. These fresh prawns at $8/ kg depending on catch season, time at the market and more often than not, what mood the seller's in. The latter being the most volatile and least amount of influence on the price, really.

Apparently the use of chinese rice wine (绍兴酒) a la drunken prawns as opposed to just boiling these fellas in hot water, makes a whole load of difference to the texture of the meat. Firmer and more Q- chewier. I'm not a seafood fan but for these fresh prawns, I'll take my rashes if they come. And no, they didn't this time. Thankfully so. 

And just because I met the crew in a stripes theme today on shoe shopping mission, I just wanted to share the loot.

The Mitju Warehouse Sale is now on till Saturday, 15/10/11 at *Scape and they've got some pretty shoes. Size dependent, high crowd tolerance required. It took a lot of willpower and a lot of girlfriend discussion and advice to walk out of there feeling like i had made -entirely- necessary and sensible expenditures on the millionth pair of shoes I now own. Only three are mine, the other two are for mummy. And now I can set my heart at ease, batting n'er an eyelid to throw away a pair of used heels. Just. One. Easy does it.

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