Sunday, October 02, 2011

going jap on a sunday

I can't remember if it was just this year alone that I introduced the family to japanese cuisine. Of course we aren't talking the likes of kaiseki style japanese cuisine nor just sushi because both my parents don't take too well to raw fish or raw food of any kind really.
It started out with dad watching Japan Hour faithfully every sunday on CNA. He looks at the servings of food and prettily plated dishes and go Oiiishii! -just for the heck of it- If I brought those things to the table, he probably wouldn't touch them if they were raw. His idea of japanese food is. Bento Sets. I refuse to go to Japan to just eat bentos. Yes there are nice bentos. But then there's Tsukiji and the most awesome cuts of sashimi. I am NOT missing out on that just because he doesn't eat them.
Well so I was saying. In this year alone, we've started out on ichiban boshi and watami. The latter less well received than the former. Not just on quality and price but also on service. In all these three respects that add up to one's dining experiences.
Guess the odd one out?
The rents are planning for a trip to Japan next year on their own. And we don't think it's a good idea. For all the reasons listed above. Oh the horrors of eating bentos everyday. Or Oden. That's his saving grace. Dad likes sumo style hotpots. :) So dinner was from top left clockwise: unagi tamago don for mum, tori wazen with cheese on the side for dad and nigel's kimchi buta nabe with barely a hint of kimchi and very thinly sliced buta. We're always at the amk hub branch and the faces of the employees haven't seen much of a change. New staff yes but old staff have stayed and they are always chirpy cheerful. Says a lot about staff morale and a good working environment.

Did you guess the odd one out? The spicy salmon sushi! Not just for being the only gunkan sushi but also from Nihon Mura instead. That was lunch for me. Going jap on a Sunday! :)

And what were your food choices on a Sunday?

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