Sunday, October 23, 2011

Organic Dinner @ The Frangipani Resort and Spa Langkawi

Walking past a frangipani tree reminded me of...

That pretty white flower by any other name would smell as sweet, taste as good.

Signatures of the resort- The Frangipani Flower Tea and Deep Fried Frangipani Flower.
It was a mild tasting tea akin to a camomile. Very soothing. Honey/ Sugar syrup for add-ons if you'd like. And a very good tea to wash away excess oil from...
Snacking on frangipani fritters. Dipped in a honey mayonnaise mustard dip.
Crunchy savoury meets creamy sweet. You just can't stop munching on them. Well, I couldn't and there was no reason to stop really. Appetizers have been taken to a new standard.

There was of course, the traditional Malay Salad- Ulam: Malay word meaning eating vegetables raw and bitter. This salad is characterized by additions of the banana heart and leaves of the Centella asiatica.
This was served with a spicy side dip of pungent sambal cincalok to whet our appetites before the main courses.
The creamed vegetable soup (Asparagus/spinach/ broccoli? My memory fails me) was a savoury light soup even with the addition of cream.
And there was of course a familiar favourite of spicy kangkong.

Organic wasn't just about vegetables.
Simply stated, organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. Animals that produce meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones.

Fear not, for organics include meat and boy did we have our protein fix.

Dry beef rendang which I've read to be served for ceremonial occasions or to honour guests (Us!) :) It was full of beefy flavour and those who enjoy chewing on those tasty tendons, there was a lot of that in addition to pure unadulterated meat.
Sweet and sour fish. This was not the one big fish that we expected by little fish that resembled baby discus fish. I cannot recall the English name of the fish but the Hokkiens would know it was pek kia. Covered in a savoury sweet sour sauce with brightly coloured vegetables, it lit up the table even in the dim light of candles in our cosy dining environment.
And last but not least, the sesame chicken. Each piece was evenly covered with marinade, fragrant with the smell and taste of toasted white sesame. It was a juicy piece of meat bursting with flavours every single helping.

Even if you don't stay at the Frangipani Resort and Spa, you really should drop in on their restaurant when in Langkawi. You'd be guaranteed to be well fed just like we were. On organic food, no less. *rubs tummy

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