Tuesday, October 18, 2011

zumba & an ichiban monday

Happy shiny me! With my fave sweatpants and after brisk walking over from Balestier Hill Primary School to Orchard Central for a zumba class at zestykickz @ OC #05-31. :) it's a WNS (womennsports) trial class that was some awesome fun. I've been to zumba twice already. Once at true fitness that had a really fun instructor- xiaowei. She tells you what to do and tries her best to make sure you can do it while having loads of fun letting loose, singing, dancing, screaming. The other time was a mass zumba party that ended up to be a mess. Literally. People stepping all over you, punching you. It was fun but. Too much body contact could kill someone. Terribly organization. Anyhow, this time, it was non-stop action with our argentinian instructor. Very little talk, different types of zumba actions, at least 10 different tracks and an awesome nonstop one hour workout with proper warm ups and proper cool downs. She doesn't rush you one bit. Just makes sure you enjoy it. All zumba peeps are fun loving. It's a passion that shines through them.

And then there was dinner. Ichiban Boshi @ Centrepoint with my dive girlfriends. Updating me on work and their love lives. Aww. How nice it is to be young. :p And yup, there's an oily treat for a post-zumba workout dinner indeed. Pumpkin croquette. Complete with my spicy thousand island-ish dip and tonkatsu sauce. It's a 50-50 reason why I ordered this many a time. It's the pumpkin and it's the sauce :) and my aburi maguro and spring fever. That's dinner for me.

Still feeling good from the leftover adrenaline pump today chasing away those Monday blues. Looking forward to zumba on wednesday! :)

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