Sunday, October 02, 2011

kopi @ changi terminal 3

In order of taste from left to right: Qiu Lian Braised pork dry ban mian (卤肉干捞面), Mini wok's pork in herbal broth- Set A3, Jin Yu fish soup
Sending Josh for his 3 week Brunei training so we did a late dinner at the airport. Everyone's ordered a soup item :)

Qiu Lian's latest offering was marred only by the braised pork. Fatty cuts of meat and yet they were still not braised for long enough to melt in one's mouth. It wasn't hard separating the fat from the meat since neither was tender. Is this the way braised pork china-style should be? That aside, the noodles were al dente as if eating chinese style fettucine. :) And the braising sauce was a crowning delight.

Mini wok's herbal soup broth was surprisingly tasty and the set comes with a selection of vegetables, some tunghoon, pork slices, sliced mushroom, crabstick and fishmeat items. We liked it that the soup was kept bubbling throughout and was still hot by the end of the meal. 

Jin Yu's fish soup was... to be subjective, the ample slices of fish meat were fresh but the soup, even with the addition of carnation milk was not saved. It lacked flavour. A terribly watered down version.

Fats is fatty no more, digger has no special interest in diggers anymore but pet names they are and pet names they'll stay. If only for me. And even though we fight, we quarrel, we yell and sometimes we absolutely hate each other's guts,
these are my sibs and I'm happy I've got them. :)

Have a safe trip fats and we'll have abalone miso hotpot when you get home!

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