Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beard Papa- Pipin' Hot Cream Puffs

Almost ten years on for Beard Papa in Singapore and their flagship outlet at the basement level of Takashimaya used to be a routine for us on weekends during my cousin's national service stint. We ran like clockwork. Sundays at church, lunch somewhere, a book run at Kinokuniya and finally a stop for desserts at Beard Papa. It used to be one for each of us and takeaways for half a dozen till the takeaways didn't even last the car ride home. We had to double it to a dozen so that there'd be at least some left for the ride back to Hendon.

Their tagline was a leaf out of Carlsberg's own- Probably the Best Cream Puff, when they were first brought into Singapore. At $2.20 for a cream puff, it wasn't expensive but neither was it the most affordable snack around but I was lucky I got to eat it on most weekends for almost a year long.

Prices have since increased to $2.80 for a cream puff. When my colleague brought one for me today, it was an immediate perk-me-up. A little leftover cold from the overnight refrigeration but that just made the filling ever more so (ful)filling. It's the first time i've actually noticed the vanilla seeds in its fillings. Not too sweet, creamy rich and made with actual vanilla pods. Mmm. Was this a recent addition? Perhaps last time I just gobbled it all up fresh and never noticed the filling. Even cold, the puff was light and airy. It wasn't oily and it was a nice accompaniment to the cold creamy filling encased within.

I think I've just found a long lost love. :)

Have you tried their other product offerings? They have a chocolate and strawberry filling, tiramisu, a lava-ish chocolate fondant that requires a heat-up before consumption... (There's more, I haven't kept up with their latest product offerings except for what I've seen on a walkpast and in their advertorials) and their Tio Glutton Stick. A cream cheese cake on a biscuit base in an entirely non-guilt inducing stick form, the only item which costs less than $2 at their outlets. That's the only item I've tried besides their vanilla cream puff.

Well, time for more of Beard Papa sweets! :)

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