Thursday, July 10, 2014

Xian De Lai

Happy appetizers.
This is much less spicy than it actually looks.
Feel free to put the dried chilli into the soup to up the spice factor.
These tiny morsels of chicken although frustrating with all the tiny bones,
are deep fried yum.
Think spicy popcorn chicken- with bones.

Spicy chicken/ pork ribs soup base.

There's a whole conglomeration of hotpot stalls in the area.
So why XDL?

The familiarity of the place (It's a hotpot girlfriend hangout place for me)
plus it's fully air conditioned and they have these awesome cushion seats which are cosily comfortable although I have much reservations about their cleanliness.

They have a good spread of ingredients to choose from.
Four types of mushrooms, house specials and cooked items served in bite sized portions.

The vegetables are fresh.
I have not yet once seen vegetables with worm eaten leafs or dirty stalks.

Canned drinks are at a standard rate of about $1.80.
And they do serve complimentary tap water :)

Customise your own dip.
And my favourite is a mix of parsley, sesame sauce, generous serving of chilli padi and just a bit of soya sauce.

Finish off with their usual house special of barley and beancurd sheets. They also sometimes have white fungus and red date soup.

With the additional charge on special soup base, towels and drinks, the food can get costly here.
Unless you have the 10% off from their XDL card that most of my girlfriends have.

And just as a side note, House of steamboat is cheaper but the meats are less then fresh there.

Also, if you're willing to sweat it out- literally, 
Tian Tian Hotpot has one of the freshest meats in the area for hotpot.

Eat up and enjoy some bubbling yum over happy conversations at dinner :)

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