Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Chicken, pork rib, mushroom stew.

Grandma's back in the game.
She's got an amazing strength and great talent when it comes to the kitchen and all that which 'home cooking' stands for.

Today's stew was cooked over charcoal.
Which really made all the difference in the world.
The best part?
The stew is kept heated and never burnt, gently bubbling over the leftover white-hot ashes.
Generous cuts of chinese black flower mushrooms,
meaty pork ribs with soft bones, 
chicken drumsticks and hardboiled eggs.
Stewed in a light soy gravy.

The mushrooms were fully absorbent of the gravy and burst into a plethora of juices on first bite.
The pork ribs were stewed till tender and fell apart almost immediately.
Likewise for the chicken drumsticks.
The gravy.
Was fragrant and light enough on tastebuds to be drunk almost like a soup.
Which was perfect since that meant I could happily skip rice. :) 

Home cooked.
Always the best kind of yum.

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