Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Because Life Matters

Faster than average walking speeds. 
Units in office buildings lit past midnight. 
All too familiar in a city scape. 
The increasingly fast pace that we live our lives here in Singapore seems to be causing more problems than it seeks to solve. 
The impact on overall health then, has unfortunately become a rapidly rising cause for concern.

I am glad that I took the time out of a midweek evening to attend the session organised by in conjunction with Starwater. Thanks to David from Starwater for his timely reminder to take care of my health. No better time than the present to conduct a R.A.I.D on our bodies.

Nothing that includes blood and gore. Everything to do with the benefits of Alkaline water.

Restores the body's pH balance- neutralising our inevitable Asian acidic diets
Acts as a powerful antioxidant- the buzzword in green tea and berries to help rid our bodies of positive and oxidizing free radicals to fight cancer and combat diseases.
Improves cellular hydration- breaking down water molecules to microclusters to increase hydration and solubility.
Detoxifies your body- especially in the colon to eliminate free radicals and boost the body's immunity to diseases.

In all honesty, that cup of alkaline water from the Star 5 device was not particularly different from any other water sources I drink from.
It was however, inspiring.
And that's what makes Starwater attractive.
No need for hard sell nor does it claim medical/ miracle abilities of this water.
All David does is to educate and increase an awareness of the benefits of alkaline water for daily consumption.

The sleek and stylish Star 5 device in elegant white is reminiscent of a capsule coffee machine.
It uses long lasting platinum-coated titanium electrodes to separate water into seven different pH levels.
The device lights up and even has a speaker function.
Enjoy the multiple benefits of:

 1. Alkaline Ionic Water for recommended daily consumption at four different levels
2. Acidic Oxidation Water for sterilization and external use
3. Beauty function for face cleansing purposes
4. Pure Water at pH 7

All this complete with handy icons on the display monitor at the push of a button
and the device plays a melody when acidic water is being dispensed.
Twist the knob to select the preferred levels
and press the buttons for the different types of water to be dispensed.
I feel like my life is in control.
At my fingertips.

(Credits to

And it even comes in different colours.
Like this sexy fire engine red.
Doesn't the device just sell itself?

And if it wasn't yet clear enough that water does differ in so many ways,
a simple reagent colour test for pH values shows unmistakably different pH of liquids.

It's little wonder why I have gastric reflux reactions to drinking just one small cup of isotonic water during my marathon attempts.
More acidic than I expected.
Even for the nondescript plain water. 
Same same looking but ohsodifferent pH levels
ranging from slightly acidic in bottled water,
to slightly alkaline (tap water)
and to alkaline water from Star 5.

Not just water for drinking, alkaline water is also excellent for cooking as Chef Anna Phua demonstrates. 
A firm believer in the benefits of alkaline water, she has been drinking alkaline water for the past ten years, even before Starwater came about. 
And for a bubbly vivacious lady who neither looks her age nor her profession,
I'm starting to buy into this idea of alkaline water. 
Anti-aging and weight control. 
A woman would be fast friends with this machine.

She goes on to explain about the use of acidic water which has sterilizing abilities and uses that to wash the ingredients for her delicious Korean pear salad (水梨沙拉).

It does seem a hassle to have to immerse my ingredients in acidic water for 10- 20 minutes a piece but hey, if that extends the lifespan of my loved ones for even just that 10 more minutes,
I'd be happy to take that extra effort.
Plus, there's no need to buy special liquids for cleaning fruits and vegetables anymore.

The alkaline water at level 4 is used to prepare her next dish, the herbal chicken soup (四神鸡汤). And like all cooking demonstrations with limited time, she already has a huge pot prepared to share with us. 
Definitely chicken soup for the soup. 
Deliciously satisfying. 

And that black sesame seed brown rice (黑芝麻糙米饭) that she prepared for us was a delicious accompaniment to the soup.
I haven't tried cooking this type of brown rice with normal water from the tap but this one that she steamed in individual portions with alkaline water was chewy and moist.

Eating clean and drinking alkaline water does not have to be a paradigm shift for one's lifestyle.
In fact, it must just be a much needed welcome change.

She also prepared a whole variety of drinks for us. 
I was impressed that the tea leaves which she left to steep in the alkaline water had changed to an impressively dark brown color in about 20 minutes. 
The water was taken directly from the tap and was not heated.
Just a side note that the temperature of the water dispensed cannot be adjusted.
Only the pH levels can be selected.
It is dispensed lukewarm.
Very comfortable temperature to do cleaning with and dispensing for drinking purposes.

Sorry Lao Shi.
It might look unglam but let's concentrate on her flawless skin and passionate gestures. :)

The refreshing agave honey lemon peppermint (蜂蜜薄荷柠檬冰) and lemon with chia seeds she prepared were full on colour and flavour.

And it was prepared on the spot, not left overnight to steep in the fridge. 
It seems then, that the microclusters of the alkaline water must indeed increase solubility and permeability.

I've seen it for myself and I am duly impressed.
Chef Anna spoke of a walk-in customer she had who enquired if she should purchase a food processor or the Starwater ionizer.
Without hesitation, she told her to go for the Starwater ionizer.
Because a food processor is a 'want' but an alkaline water dispenser?
Now that's a lifestyle investment that should be made a 'need'.
And she is unafraid to personally guarantee the benefits of this water dispenser.

Click on the links embedded to check out the Star 5 features
and they are also launching a Star 7 soon!
Check out their affordable monthly instalment plans too.
Living well doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. :)

To borrow a line from Hippocrates, adapted to sum up the water ionizer from Starwater,

"Let (food)Starwater be thy medicine and medicine be thy (food)Starwater."

Don't wait till it's too late.

Because life matters.

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