Monday, July 14, 2014

Shinkansen- Life on the fast track

When fast food doesn't have to be supersize-me food.

A choice of transit, station and terminal.
Let's go straight for the Terminal.

A base, 5 toppings, sauce, 2 add-ons and a choice of meat.
This goes for $12 for a hefty serving.

This was my choice for today.
A base of soba noodles.
Almonds, mushrooms, carrots, tamago, pickled seaweed.
Apricots and Quinoa.
Tuna Tataki.
With sesame plum dressing. :)

Other than the fact that the tuna was sliced too thin,
everything else was a joy to eat.
A mix of sweet, salty, savoury yum.
Healthy never tasted better.

Ask the staff for their sauce pairing recommendations.
And if you still aren't too sure about your choice of sauce,
make a request for it to be packed separately.
They'll gladly oblige.
And you wouldn't have to worry that the sauce isn't enough.
They always make sure their customers are well fed.
And their takeaway bowls well dressed!

They have an opening promotion now for their branch at 100AM in the Tanjong Pagar area.
Get your bowls here with their one-for-one deal till the 25th of July.
Time to hop on the Shinkansen! :)


Brite Mist said...

looks yummy!

min~* said...

and it actually is! :)