Sunday, July 06, 2014

Black pork in Jeju

For our last night in Jeju, we decided that we had to get some of that famed black pork.

Apparently there is a heuk-dwaeji street in Jeju which is near to Dongmun market where all the restaurants on that street guarantee that diners would be served black pork from the island's own black pigs. We weren't bothered with finding that street because there's also quite a bunch of these black pork bbq restaurants just right outside our guesthouse at Nohyeongdong which our kind host recommended for us to try.

Over the past two evenings, I've been watching families and groups of friends walking into this establishment and today, it's our turn to venture in! :)

Some of the delicious banchan placed on our table.
Those mushrooms!
My favourite.
And the paper thin slices of pickled radish and seaweed was light and refreshing.

The amount of fat is NOT for the faint hearted.
Every serving comes with mushroom and potato slices and a thick slice of onions to be placed on the grill.
The spicy kongnamul muchim is also placed on the side of the grill and a raw egg is cracked over it.

The learner cut is pork shoulder.
Pickled onion rings in soy based sauce for dips and wraps.


And if you hadn't yet noticed.
Those black hairs on the skin is proof that we're having definitely having heuk dweji.
It tasted good, with a smoky aftertaste of bacon.
But if you're asking for my opinion,
this meat costs so much more than normal cuts of pork,
you might just be better off eating leaner and more tender cuts of meat from normal pigs!

Dinner was about 130 sgd for 6 pax with two portions of black pork, one portion of pork shoulder, 5 servings of rice and one beer with unlimited refills of banchan of course! :)

72-3 Ildoi-dong (520 Yeonsam-ro) Jeju-si, Jeju-do South Korea
+82 64-724-8892

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