Sunday, July 13, 2014

Visiting Sir Antonio- The Tiramisu Hero

The sun was out in all of its oppressive heated glory.

And just like everyone else, we needed to seek respite from its angry rays before we melted into nothingness.

Oh the drama.

And so welcoming was the blast of cool wind. We decided to bask in all of its air conditioned loving arms whilst waiting for a seat in the bustling crowd of cafe hoppers on a Sunday.

Thankfully, getting a seat at their communal tables didn't take too long.
The creme brulee latte came with an overpowering scent but for what it served in smell, it failed to make up in taste.

These chicken wings looked like heaven.
But again, fell short of their pedestal.
Straight from the fridge to the oven grills left them with an unmistakable un-thawed taste.

The waffles?
On their own, they were decent.
But those two scoops of vanilla ice cream was less than stellar.
They tasted of low quality and ruined the entire waffle order.

The tiramisu was quite the saving grace.
Though a little costly for its size.

It's a shame though because I loved the decor,
the aircon was quite the blast :)
The happy colors in the washroom and the cute drawings of The Tiramisu Hero of course!

I'm sure they'll get better as the cafe continues.

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