Monday, July 07, 2014

Hana Hana is?

Really just Teppei.
The newer, cleaner, brighter extension of Teppei.
And the strange thing is that there is so much talk of Hanare,
the restaurant just a 5 minute walk away which is managed by Teppei's wife.

But little that I've found written online about Hana Hana,
the restaurant in the next unit to Teppei.

Which is really probably why the queues over here are a lot more manageable.

To be honest,
I am reluctant to share this piece of information.
But as a fellow foodie,
there's nothing really to be selfish about sharing good food.

So there we go.
Hana Hana really is just the mirror image of Teppei, 
expanding the 21-seater restaurant to a 40-seater.

And Chef Teppei runs both kitchens simultaneously.
The people in the picture are just his assistants.

But this bowl of Bara Chirashi below, 
Chef Teppei himself served to us within a span of minutes from the time when we placed our orders before he went over to the kitchen next door.

A generous serving of salmon, tuna, swordfish, baby scallops and salmon roe lightly marinated in a sesame soy dressing atop a bed of deliciously fragrant Koshihikari rice from Toyoma, Japan.

$17.60 per serving.
 Of some of the best things in life.
 Which includes complimentary top-ups of iced tea served in beer mugs, miso soup, three kinds of sides which change regularly and pretty good service.

And as I was eating, 
I couldn't help but wonder about those 'die-hard' fans who are still sadly in ridiculous queues next door outside Teppei.

As a disclaimer, this is not to say that the queues here are non-existent.
It was peak lunch hour and we only got our seats at 1225pm after about half an hour.
So the people queueing here, are just the more initiated.

So queue less,
And still eat just as well.
Over here at Hana Hana.

Hana Hana
Orchid Hotel
1, Tras Link
S (078867)

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