Sunday, July 06, 2014

320 Below

 Along the same stretch of road as Noir Art Cafe,
you'll find an ice cream shop with huge bubble letterings 320 Below Nitro Cream Cafe.

To be honest,
the kiddy fonts and all too colorful chairs in the shop wasn't much of a draw for me.

But we just had some boiling hot hotpot and there's no better way than to seek relief from the cool comfort of ice cream. :)

Nitrogen ice cream wasn't a first for me. We first had it at the basement level of Terminal 21 in Bangkok in 2012 and decided that this might actually be a feasible business idea in sunny Singapore.
Suffice to say, we've said it about so many things and someone's always beaten us to it.
What else to do but enjoy the fruits of someone else's labour! :)


This was a happy nightmare for me.
How does anyone choose from this extensive list?!
Well, I couldn't.
So I asked for some help from the friendly counter staff.
She's also awfully patient with our group of five indecisive diners.
Eventually, I settled on some Christmas horlicks.
With two ticks!
But it was actually the horlicks base that I totally fell for. :)

Inexpensive shelf decorations.
That contributed to a color splash.
And I have a team mate who has a cup that he drew there. :)
Which I recently just spotted in Osulloc in Jeju.
Wonder if that was where the inspiration came from.

Tim Tam Toff, Christmas Horlicks, Blackforest, Salted Caramel and Thai Coconut.

Made with the magic of Kitchen Aids and liquid nitrogen at below 320 degrees of course.
With no stabilizers, emulsifiers or preservatives, every cup is made to order.
The possibilities are endless and if you have a dietary restriction, these peeps would be more than glad to make the necessary adjustments for you where possible.

Everything tasted amazing.
And everyone loved theirs enough not to be switching/ snatching cups.

But the waffles were quite the let down.
For what it lacked in density, it also lacked in crispiness.
I asked for my ice cream to be served on the side.
But perhaps, they could leave the waffle as a whole and serve it with my ice cream drizzled with honey.
But first, to get the batter better before anything else.

Tip: Always go in big groups. There's a lot of love to be shared in a cup of ice cream creation. :)

33 Mackenzie Road 

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