Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Where are the women?
I mean.
I am one.
Or so I'd like to think.
And there were many a table of women lounging in the chairs,
catching up on girl talk over these delicious looking desserts and coffee.

But the service staff were all men.
For some reason that made me feel uncomfortable.
Too much eye candy perhaps?

This was a recommended special.
Bread pudding with vanilla bean sauce.
What they didn't mention in the name was the apple.
Poached apple.
Was it a whole apple?
The baking process seemed not to have any effect on the poached apple.
It was juicy and tender morsels of fruit.
It was good.
I wanted my bread pudding!
That constituted only half of the ramekin.
Le sigh.
And no there were no raisins either.
The vanilla sauce?
It was runny and not big on taste.

Now this however,
blew me away.
This was BERRY good.
Simple mixed fruit tart.
Choice of blueberries or raspberries.
We took whatever they recommended.
And it was ohsogood.
Fruits were ripe and plump.
Custard was just right.
No feeling of queasiness or maybe it was just massacred so fast.
And the tart.
It had me at hello.
Full fat short crust pastry.
No, I take it back.
Full fat short crust FLAKY pastry.
But pricey.
$6.50 for a tart.
Uh huh.

A matcha latte.
Love the steamed milk.
 A faint and lingering taste of matcha.
This was perfect for what I wasn't looking for. :)

And just because this was the sweetest treat of the day.
Rockmelon from a random shop and save store.
These would be perfect with parma ham.
Or maybe not.


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