Thursday, July 19, 2012

dinner post zumba @ east coast lagoon food village

chicken and beef satay.
meat's too tough.
peanut sauce was a finely grounded watery mixture that went well with the barbecued meat sticks.
and i sound nothing less than a tourist when i describe satay in an awkward way like this.

rojak with chilli on the side.
my very thoughtful girlfriend :)
I thought I might have bitten into a slice of apple!
But i'm not quite sure about that one ingredient.
The toasted fried doughsticks, beancurd puffs, slices of turnip and fresh pineapple were generously coated in a sticky sweet rojak sauce topped with peanuts that made for a very appetizing...
i liked it so much that
words fail me.

now this was not my idea of hokkien mee.
braised. not fried.
actually, no. just bathed in some prawn stock.
the noodles were overcooked but yet failed to absorb the flavour of the stock.
as a main carb in our meal,
this was disappointing. :(

odd mish mash of cultures as the alternative to a fusion menu.
a rose by any other name.
first public review :)

shades baby. :)

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