Wednesday, July 18, 2012

killiney's early morning breakfast @ changi airport T3

breakfast before 8am at the airport.
tcc or killiney?
he chose killiney.
12 years my senior.
every bit the family we never really were.
it's been awhile since i missed you this new year's at grandma's.
catching up at a time and place that couldn't be more perfect.
in the east.
early morning so that ah kim could sleep in.
and sharing of a new addition to the family by years' end. :)

the horfun was mediocre.
plain boiled flat rice noodles.
covered with a sauce that had bare whiffs of a savoury seasoning.
the chicken slices were adequate
and the chilli was a lifesaver.
no dishsaver.

thanks for the time.
and the ride home. :)
much love to the wifey and baby boy! <3

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