Thursday, July 05, 2012

basement @ the central

And it was full house when we got there. Almost end of lunch hour at almost 2pm. The tables cleared shortly after. I'd rather this than pizza. 
Flower beef stew rice was my choice till I looked closer and saw that it wasn't available.
Well that left me with the happy rice bowl. 

I was expecting savoury.
I mean, it's braised meat rice as stated in mandarin.
Firstly, it was minced.
I'm fine with that.
A cube of braised beancurd and a whole braised hardboiled egg with a side of boiled cabbage.
It should be good.
And the operative word being -should-
This was not savoury :(
It was sweet. To be fair it wasn't sickeningly sweet.
It just was -not- savoury.
Needless to say, this bowl of rice was left wanting.
And before I sound like I'm whining.

Then there was chicken curry rice.
The japanese curry sauce was too watered down to be of any interest.
The fried chicken was more battered than meat but substantial nonetheless.
A fried egg was a good topping.
Pun totally intended.

And there's nothing about the food that draws people to this place.
I see people eat.
And then I see them do a takeout.
Of a half a dozen cups of these kungfu milk tea with pearl.
It was HK style milk tea.
Thick and done with finesse.
So that's why it was a full house!

I wish I had a large cup. With pearls.
And no, I stopped myself from getting another to-go.
I'm coming back for drinks.

Few and far between.
Late lunches with you.
Thanks for getting out of bed just that little earlier to make sure I'm fed. :)

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