Friday, July 20, 2012

ajisen @ bishan junction 8

running on three hours of sleep.
it was a meeting that couldn't afford to be postponed.
travel plans for the next 10 mths locked in and ready to fly in a couple of days.
it's been almost a year of friendship and i'm glad we randomly met at wakeboard! :)

it started with a drizzle and ended up being a torrential downpour.
i didn't have to do anything but sit at home and wait till you got here on the bike.
just so we could take a cab over to junction 8.

and what's better than soup on a cold rainy day!

white bait
on the waitress' recommendations.
not my idea of immature fry at all.
these tasted more like chunks of dory fillet.
in a very well seasoned batter.

chicken karaage
juicy morsels of meat deep fried.
this was a good side to order!

spicy cha shu ramen
at $13.90 for a choice of ramen, a side and a drink.

and just because I always wondered how each bowl of soup could taste consistent throughout the outlets and even in different countries (china!)
I read up about this online
so apparently,
they've been accused of using artificial seasonings and making false claims about the nutritional value of their soups and this was a media reply on their part to the allegations.
 The short of it-
Their broth is authentic pork based soup stock made into a concentrate in "Ajisen Ramen" Japan 
and vacuumed packed for export to its restaurants and franchisees
which explains its consistency across outlets.
And their claims on the nutritional values of the soups?
Directly from their ideas of the nutritional values of pork bones
which cannot be refuted since it's a main ingredient of the soup concentrate.

If none, then
Eat on. :)

Was a good time catching up before you fly.
You're totally prepared for this.
Travel safe!

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