Wednesday, July 04, 2012

chinese flower mushroom and luncheon meat carbonara

Cooking at home.
San Remo's linguine- al dente.
Chinese flower mushrooms- soaked and diced.
Luncheon meat- diced.
Sounding like a perfect disaster?

I never realised how the addition of mushroom into the pasta liquid could account for such a delicious lingering aroma of mushroom on the pasta.
Add in a tablespoon of salt and a generous dash of olive oil.
Add in the luncheon meat after the water comes to a fierce boil.
 And I know I've violated all the conventional rules of pasta cooking.

And what about the sauce?
Gives that deliciously umami twang. :)
Healthier choice.
Make a simple roux of butter and flour.
Add some milk to thin the roux and finally add in some buttermilk.
I'm not giving exact proportions here simple because I don't have any.

Shave in some organic pecorino cheese.
A dash of oregano.
Some ground black pepper.
And toss them all up for linguine alla carbonara.

Bon appetit! :)


Joan said...

Looks delicious!! =)

min~* said...

Thanks :) give it a try and let me know how it goes?