Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a brief respite from city life

So drive down that road.
Till you reach the end.
Park anywhere you like- into the bushes preferably.
And we'll see you at the...

Just a call away.
A speedboat arrives.
"Hi Jimmy!"
We load up carefully in a boat that was too small.
Size of pax must be stated.
From small to xxxl.
Rocking precariously from side to side.
Sit tight and off we go.
The wind in your face.
And because I'd be lying if I stated otherwise,
the seawater that inevitably splashes too.

A commercial fishing kelong.

And Gardenia bread.
There's also Four Leaves and Meiji biscuits.
I kid you not.


all in a day's catch!
you wish.
a week's worth perhaps.

line fishing with little clip bell ringers.

Freshness guaranteed.

those blistering barnacles.
approach them not with bare hands.

And that one flash of white.
Hardly houses a pearl.


mini-me :)
of shrimps and mudcrabs.

And a pretty scallop in its shell.

 But it was surely a respite.

Happy birthday.
Good times. :)

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