Monday, July 30, 2012

Peach Garden @ 33- The Executive's Club

I would have never expected to get into a dim sum frenzy on a Sunday morning. Crystal Jade Palace at Takashimaya was a notoriously long queue, Intercontinental's chinese restaurant was running full and with one still home and another running about to check out the dining options, this was too much to deal with on a lazy Sunday morning. Oh where could we go now? 

And just before I wanted to abandon all dim sum plans, I get a text to say 'Peach Garden. Chulia Street. Got a table. Going down now. See you.'

With a strained muscle, I was more than just glad to finally get to the front entrance of OCBC Centre. Except. Where do we go from there? I paced up and down and decided to walk to the left to see if there was a side entrance. Suffice to say, there was definitely no access from the garbage disposal. Of which by this time, my terrible dining companion texted to enquire if i was lost. Which he obviously knew because he had SEEN me pacing up and down. With friends like this, who needs enemies. 

So if you do go, save yourself the embarrassment, walk towards the society bar and behind that you'd see the carpark where you can access the lifts. Remember this.

The chok was a CHOCK full of ingredients in a tiny bowl. Not complaining about the generosity of ingredients but hey, why not that bit more boiled rice?

The three layered crispy pork was just because he got back from a land where pork was not sold freely in the markets. Only because of deprivation. It lacked that crackling crisp I was hoping for when I took a piece.

The XO carrot cake was their only version of carrot cake and well, it tasted charred. There was no taste of XO sauce. And I liked the crunchy beansprouts the most.

Why you no flow? :( It was too sweet and creamy. Now where's my salted egg yolk?

BBQ pork buns had more skin that filling. The filling was a good savoury sweet though :)

These dumplings would hit the spot with prawn lovers. A pretty prawn atop a dumpling that encased more prawns and topped with a thin layer of minced pork.

And we made a dessert order just because we were asked in passing. Haha.
Such obliging customers. And that's why macdonald's upsize totally works.
Black glutinous rice, grass jelly cubes, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and ohmy. coconut milk.
This is just.
A perfect way to end a Sunday morning dim sum :)

Peach Garden @ 33 桃苑 (OCBC Centre)
65 Chulia Street, #33-01 OCBC Centre, Singapore
Tel: +65 6535 7833 | Website

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