Thursday, July 19, 2012

chums steakhouse @ toa payoh lorong 6

Fish and chips.
Batter was slightly heavy on the salt content.
Generous serving.

The chicken was juicy.
The panko breadcrumb crust was an oil sponge.
While I liked the melted mushroom cheese, it made everything a lot more salty than it already was.

All mains come with the complimentary salad bar.

Sounds familiar?

Sizzler style.
I don't know how true the news is- just a change of management for Sizzler?

I took a salad bar option and it does seem that it's exactly the same.
I had my favourites of tuna mayo potato salad, mushroom soup, nachos and soft serve ice cream.
Mmm. :)

and how befitting that it would be a dinner date with the chums and our favourite kids.
age is but a number.

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