Friday, June 29, 2012 @ keppel

At 1230.
I skipped the morning tennis/ swim.
Early morning drama.
But thank goodness that's over.
And they say misery loves company. :)

The Friday Afternoon crowd: Ladies of leisure- the real tai tais, the older menfolk and a couple of families.
And here we stick out like a sore thumb.
A table of 6. Not quite kids. Just almost.
We felt like juveniles there but heck, it's a lunch date on a lazy Friday afternoon. :)

Babi Pongteh.
Oh what is that heavenly sauce made of!

Ayam Buah Keluak. I neither appreciate the buah keluak nor did the color of the ayam entice me. It was good but one serving sufficed.
Lots more to be savoured!

Nonya Chap Chye.
The sweetness of cabbage. Or rock sugar? :)
It was the perfect savoury sweet balance.

Kari Ayam?
More sauce to totally put my diet under the RIP status.
Lemak siol!

Otak-otak was not in a banana leaf! :(
It was dry. Even from the look of it, it was evidently not appetizing.

Sambal sayur bendeh
Crunchy. Not slimy.
I would've preferred terong tho. :)

Bakwan Kepiting Soup.
Individual Servings.
At least the bakwan kepitings were generous in size.
And the soup stock thick on taste. :)

Grilled sambal cumi.
I loved this.
Chew it like a chewing gum.
Work those jaws on these delightful morsels baby.

It was one good lunch.
Good food, good company.
And sometimes.
That's all you really need for a perfect day.

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