Monday, June 25, 2012

wonderful taiwan delights

This was their swan song. And since this place is now defunct, I write a tribute to them and I do hope that someday soon, they would find a suitable location to serve up their delicious homestyled taiwanese fare.
A nondescript shop along the Jalan Leban area with limited parking space, it's hardly the kind of place I would choose as a dining option. That night was no different from the usual. We wanted to try out a new hotpot place, the irvin's seafood restaurant but in the end, we settled for this cramped but quaint shop. With its faded signage and simple set up, it seemed the perfect dinner venue for a girlfriend catch up. :)


For their size, the variety on the menu was more extensive than I expected. Of course, it also turned out that every other thing was sold out. I exaggerate. But their house specials were sold out. No more dumplings nor pot stickers. :(

Well, we still had to eat anyway. Never fear! For the other menu items are just as much a treat as their house specials.
The herbal duck mee sua lived up to its namesake.
The soup base was herbal indeed- a delicate balance between an overkill on the herbs and a sweetness imprated from the wolfberries to the clear soup thickened slightly by the mee sua itself. Black fungus and duck meat completed the dish. It was healthy and tasty food. :)

This was not on our original order. But we ate it anyway. Fried chicken bits with a generous dash of chilli pepper and salt. It's passes as an appetizer alright but I'd rather have the Shilin chicken anyday if you know what I mean.

And this, was the star of the night. For this, they have every reason to continue shop operations. Please? I really should just let the photo do the talking. For they speak volumes. The delicately braised pork. The peanuts were not mushy but if there was an al dente for peanuts. This was it! And the gravy. Of course the gravy. Suddenly, plain white rice seems to be the perfect accompaniment. :)

And there's reason why the hot sour soup is last. The photos are in chronological order. But heck, every dish was a treat except the chicken and sadly, we never made it back for a second round. As with all good things, they do come to an end.

Towards endings and new beginnings. Or a pending trip to Taiwan, pronto! :)


Wrizkai said...

Hmm.. Been tis place and saw the reopening news too... Jus sharing. :)

min~* said...

thanks! :)))