Wednesday, May 23, 2012

marble slab creamery @ the central

How do you decide?
It was swelteringly hot.
Anything indoors with air condition sounded good.
With ice cream?
Sounded simply perfect. :)

It was a first for my at marble slab. Having walked past it countless times in Iluma where we always bypassed it for Berrylite.
It's about time I gave this a go.
And which should I try?
Anything on the bestseller's list please.
Double chocolate
Red Velvet
Apple and spice.
Apple pie comfort.
Bittersweet. The way I like it.
Too strong on the vanilla base.

I'm the happiest customer when it comes to hearing suggestions.
A 50% promotion on the next waffle/ waffle cup.
Well that makes it simple.
A waffle and a waffle cup.
And now what?

Pretty close to the real deal :)
But I gotta say- it looks much better than it tastes.
Don't get me wrong.
The ice cream flavour is good.
The brownies? Skip that.
The chocolate dipped waffle cone?
Totally dump it.
It wasn't just an issue of fresh.
It was soft and only made 'crisp' by the chocolate coating.

Definitely to be shared. Much too sweet.
And the indian boy behind the ice cream counter? Kudos to him for taking loads of pictures for us.
Serving up water without being asked.
Service quality. :)
Nothing like a pair of dive buddies and a dinner date.
 <3 s

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