Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Harry's @ Esplanade

It's been a while.
I've never stepped foot in Harry's before
but this past week I've been to at least five different outlets and counting.

The chilli nachos are terribly addictive. Sometimes I like it soggy with all the ingredients on top. Sometimes I like it with my dips.
Just ask for it to be separated.
The staff will kindly oblige.
And not just the separation of the chilli.
They can separate each and every single ingredient for you.
I'm impressed. :)

Harry's classic pizza was uninspiring even as a chef's recommendation.
It was everything a pizza should have but it lacked a certain kind of oomph.
The oiliness?
The tasteless slices of tomatoes that should've been bursting with flavor? 
A chewier dough crust?
I'm not sure what it was.
But one slice of this was enough for me. 

And of course there's a reason for my apparent hiatus.
Compliments from the kitchen.
Comes with dating a chef. :)
A lava cake topped with ice cream, strawberries, drizzled with chocolate sauce and an ugly strawberry sauced heart.
He claims the chocolate melted too fast.
Uh huh :)

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